Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ch Ch Ch changes...

Nat keeps changing the post to which Inaugural posting referred.

For example, we have this addition:
The greatest lesson of open source may be its ability to excite and galvanize developers, for whatever reason. Microsoft has feebly tried to copy the best bits, with and channel 9.

OK, whatever. You say "feebly" I say tomato. Traffic volume to blows away traffic to any other blog. 'nuff said. Fact of the matter is you and Miguel are still "innovating" by copying all of .Net into Linux. What's next for Linux, copying the MacOS UI? You guys crack me up.
Now, everyone knows that Microsoft's market and cash position give them more room for error than any other company in existence. And Microsoft has stood up remarkably well to the decline of IT fortunes, while other companies have fallen hard. And above all, they are fighters. But things have definitely changed in Redmond.

This last one is John Stewart funny. In the original post, Nat claimed that MSFT had come 65% off its high. I called him out in email and he revised the estimate downward to 40%. Now he's not even willing to put up a number, he just makes some vague claims about how things have "definitely changed in Redmond". And this guy is one to be trusted about anything that has "definitely" done this or that in Redmond? Nat freely admits that he has never worked for Microsoft, so it is funny to see him claim that he knows anything about the climate within Microsoft.

It's unfortunate that I have to attack Nat personally, but he opens himself up for this kind of attack by being such a dumbass.